How do you do? :)


Me in my favourite coat. I’m camera shy!

Hey there,

My name is Sam and welcome to

Please click here to visit my bloggy blog blog, here to know a bit more about me and here to see the services I offer which include CV/Resume, website content and wedding speeches.

I’m honoured to have your presence swing by today, whether it is to have a little browse or to contact me, I’m happy to oblige either way.

As per the url, I’m sure you can guess the gist of what the site is about, however, it’s more than just a blog. The blog is about attitude and ambition. It’s about the highs, lows and mediocre moments in life. It’s about fighting your own corner. It’s about landing knockout punches instead of being the one getting knocked out! (Not literall obviously).

I like to think I add a little more to the sauce than just the spice. I add texture. I add flavour. I add the carbs. I add meat (or a vegan alterative). Basically, I’m the spaghetti bolognese of writing. I’ve a messy personality but the goods are good 🙂

I do offer some services but I’m a service second, a human first. That’s my motto. That’s my line. Although, if you need a CV sprucing up or a cover letter drafting, I’m your girl. My speciality though is funny wedding speeches. It’s my USP. I’m pretty good at speech drafts too. Had enough interviews and jobs to know a thing or two 😀 Stood in front of enough strangers and made announcements to know about working a crowd as well. Another thing, I’d love to guest post if you need a dollop of something fresh and quirky. I am picky about those kind of gigs but I’m honest. Best way to be.

Hope your day runs as smoothly as melted butter and your smile has the chance to shine wider than it has ever done before. Whether it’s a weekday, weekend or a wonky morning/evening or afternoon, be happy about something because there’s always something to be happy about. Even in the darkest of times.

To infinity and beyond… Kindest regards too,


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